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A logo project by ronindaosohei

Insightful health brand - Virtruvian Man for the modern world


logo text:


logo taglines:


logo type(s) required:

Logo Example

industry / business type:

Health Care and Pharmaceuticals

who we are:

We help people optimize their personal health through a combination of personalized testing, great information from health thought leaders, and products tailored exactly to what they need. Data - Media - Products

The brand should bring deep personalized insight to our clients to help them with anti-aging/biohacking, extending not only the length of their life but the quality of their life with the goal being eternal youth.

what we need:

We are building our logo to be used everywhere:

- Website
- Products (pill bottles, etc.)
- Social media sites

We'd like the brandmark portion to be inspired by the famous Da Vinci sketch the "Virtruvian Man" except adapted to be for both men and women with a modern twist.

We'd like the colors to be inspired by the combination of blueberries and raspberries.

creative cluster:


color(s) & font(s) the design should explore:

Colors inspired by the combination of blueberries and raspberries

themes, graphics or ideas the design should explore:

We want to have the brand mark portion inspired by the famous Da Vinci sketch, "The Virtruvian Man" but a modern iteration good for both men and women.

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project duration:

7 days