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A logo project by jseandiaz

Logo required for Boy/Youth Band Signed to a Major Record Label


logo text:


logo taglines:


logo type(s) required:

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industry / business type:

Arts, Entertainment, Gambling and Recreation

who we are:

We are a production company that produces music and film/tv/video projects. Currently, we are developing a 4-member boy band, all brothers and sons of a world-renown recording artist. The boys are aged 7 through 14 and their music (target audience) will be primarily girls (and boys) aged 7-18.

what we need:

The design project goal is to develop a unique logo that can be used to represent the brand “WanMor”. WanMor is the name of an urban pop boy-band with four (4) brothers aged between 7 and 14. The term “WanMor” is derived from their first and last names. The band is youthful and energetic, yet classy and timeless. The logo could be an image that incorporates the name and creative use of the initials “W” and “M”. While the end result should communicate a youthful brand, it must also give the group room to grow, and since the brand is derived from a family name, it should also project feelings of legacy, majesty, and royalty. The logo must be an image that can be used in connection with merchandise (t-shirts, hats, hoodies), social media accounts and a website (splash page), and should be relatable to music and appeal to their target audience; lastly, it should have a very international/universal appeal. Final artwork configurations should include the logo (by itself, if it is a graphic mark or emblem) and then a variation with the logo and text (WanMor).

creative cluster:


color(s) & font(s) the design should explore:

royal blue, gold/yellow, purple, red

themes, graphics or ideas the design should explore:

A crown that has four points (one for each of the boys) and then a design of a "W" and an "M", interlocking (one on top of the other) almost like a strand of DNA. We would like to explore ideas that incorporate 4 equal elements, a feeling of family royalty, and creative use of the W and M with maybe a crown or crest. We would also like to explore a design that could be used with color or stand alone as black/white. The creative challenge is to design something that is majestic, yet youthful, and definitely timeless/vintage/classy.


Simple sketch of a crown with the interlocking W & M


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project duration:

10 days