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4. The logos in black and white tend to look better, so if you're uploading a colour logo please include a b/w alternative.

5. While I might change my mind, so far I've not seen any designs I'd commit to. I appreciate your patience and efforts so far. Thanks.

2345 days 11 hrs ago

Contest Holder

Hi Everyone, here's some feedback:

1. Some of you pointed out that there's no need to use the word fashion in the tagline as it's already present in 'mcgarryfashion'. I'd agree with this so feel free to leave it out and instead use 'The Search Marketing Company' if you wish to include a tagline.

2. Any imagery used must be subtle or else I won't like it. The looking-glass ideas don't work 99% of the time, and any images featuring the outline of people definitely don't work in the designs so far.

3. The designs I've marked 4/5 tend to convey professionalism while retaining a personable feel. That's a difficult balance. Some fonts look like accountants or estate agents, others are too messy.

2345 days 11 hrs ago


That is a good question.

My approach was to research traditional designer labels and to emulate them. #35 is that idea. Elegant, traditional and strong. This is something I could see on a label, very symmetrical and easily recognizable, as if someone was looking inside a garment and would know the brand right away. I think I should try splitting up McGarry and Fashion, one underneath the other and larger font size.

#89 is the same idea as the first but just a little more playful and laid back. This is more representative of me but I don't know if I'm in your demographic.

I would vote to the the side of the more traditional since that is the bar that is set in the fashion industry as far as names/logos.

We have 10 more day I have a few couple other idea with different fonts. I won'r overwhelm you with fifty of the same thing because these can be tweaked many different ways

2346 days 10 hrs ago

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