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A logo + business card project by lsturgess

Property/Asset Management company requires a striking logo and business card


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733 days 4 hrs ago

Contest Holder

Hi at Angel26, I have shown the client and he agrees. Entries are lacking originality, elegance, commerciality and simplicity.
Please all: no more 'handwritten' style plays on 'Signature', it is not working.

736 days 49 mins ago


Thanks for rating the entries. We designer wish you show all the entries to your client. May be after seeing the creativeness may be the change of the thinking come out. At times clients see the creative and they come up with the entries submitted. Hope you understand my point of view.
Thanks in advance for doing so

736 days 1 hr ago

Contest Holder

I'm afraid to say that designs are lacking elegance and any commerciality. My client wants a unique, stylish, sleek and professional new brand identity. Any fresh ideas would be most welcome too.

737 days 22 mins ago

Solomon Stails

I wanted to upload the whole package but couldn't. It only submitted one logo. is it possible to send the remaining pieces.

737 days 18 hrs ago

Contest Holder

Thanks for your entry Ident Corp Branding but I'm afraid this does not convey the messages we are looking for. As the creative director on the project I need to sort through the options and will present the strongest to the client - which, will involve some eliminations. I will, however, send private feedback when I next go through them.

738 days 26 mins ago

ident Corp Branding

Entry 05 Please allude as to why you Eliminated this. It's the least you can do considering the time I put in on it and that I consider it to be some of my better work.

741 days 17 hrs ago

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