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A logo + business card project by mast

Create a winning logo for a new data analytics firm passionate about global health


logo text:

Mast Analytics

logo taglines:


logo type(s) required:

Logo Example

Logotype Example

Symbol Example

business card details:

name, title, address, URL, email, contact number; double sided artwork

industry / business type:

Consulting and Strategy

who we are:

We are a skilled data analytics and consultancy team with a special interest in bringing together the health and data science fields to research and solve global health issues.

what we need:

We need a logo that can be used on official documents and applies well to presentations, websites, business cards, email, letterheads etc.

creative cluster:


color(s) & font(s) the design should explore:

Dark blue/navy with silver or other complementary metallic but are open to other color schemes.

themes, graphics or ideas the design should explore:

‘Mast’ was formed using the first 2 letters of each of the co-founders' surnames. The mast of a ship describes the sturdy upright structure that holds the sails which when let down drive the ship forward. We like what the mast of a ship represents e.g. in our context sound structure of quality information at the right time and in the right place to drive change forward but didn’t want to be mistaken for a company in the nautical or boating industry. Another theme that could be explored: developing state-of-art analytics solutions to improve the lives of populations across the globe.

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project duration:

10 days