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Mongolian coal mine LOGO
We are a small mining company requiring a brandmark. We specifically mine high grade anthracite COAL. The name Gengcol is derived from the Mongolian Genghis Khan and Coal - so...
Logo won 15 $302
LIME Lighting needs a new logo design
A logo reflecting an established company. Modern in design and easily applied to stationery and signage.
Logo won 53 $302
We need a logo for our 'Times Two' range of Herbal teas. To appeal to the gourmet tea lover! At this point we simply need a logo/symbol that we will use...
Logo won 57 $180
'Optician' LOGO needed
We need a new logo (graphic mark) containing the name OKULA.
Logo won 76 $302
NEW hotel management group requires logo
A Logo with ability to transfer to print, website, signage etc The logo needs to look established yet fresh/clean. Feel free to ask further questions in the comments section.
Logo won 79 $180
Arena Capital Logo
We would like a LOGO that looks established and would work well across any medium - print (newspapers and stationery) and online.
Logo won 153 $180
We require a logo/graphic mark and text that looks smart corporate yet approchable.
Logo won 118 $180
Midwest Volta LOGO
A professional logo/brandmark to represent us. We plan on using it on stationary and online.
Logo won 174 $302
Event Catering Logo
a simple logo to apply to stationary/website
Logo won 197 $180
BLUEWATER apartments logo
We need a sophisticated logo... with ocean themes/icons explored to possibly accompany the wordmark. ie waves/shells/seahorses/water...etc.
Logo won 187 $180
Active Finance Solutions WA
A simple, clean typographic solution. We are open to a possible symbol to accompany the typography but this is not compulsory. Needs to look established and professional! The logo will be...
Logo won 161 $180
New Logo For New Entry Into the Trade Industry
Business Cards, Vehicle Display, letter head
Logo won 94 $180
mcgarryfashion Logo Project
A logo mainly for online. The aim is to stand out and have a tagline like 'The Fashion Search Marketing Company' so that Ecommerce Managers know what we do. That's...
Logo won 451 $302
Create a winning logo for Nick Mallos Plastering
We need a logo that promotes quality, trust and strength. The logo is to use my full name although I would like to see my initials 'NM' or 'nm'...
Logo won 170 $302
Vitalis Legal project
Logo for the company name for all print medium and website.
Logo won 217 $180