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New Look Required For Tacmed Training
I'm looking for a New and Fresh look for the company. We have been using the same logo now for many years and believe we …
Logo + Business Card won 152 $816
Crooked Cane Distilling
We need a brand logo for our bottle label and other marketing material. Rum is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane byproducts, such as molasses, …
Logo 9 days 1 hr 81 $336
Enter the exciting world of Drones, create an award winning logo for our new business "Drone Zone Australia"
I need an exciting Logo for this exciting industry, something that will stand out and become a well known brand name. I need the Logo ASAP …
Logo won 89 $336
Want to do something rewarding!?!Help me with my logo design to promote education regarding how animals are treated in different countries and to not promote these organisations.
I would first like to start a facebook page, then branch out to a blog, once I have enough followers. I would like to use …
Logo won 62 $200
The Wine Prophets - Designer for the Logo of the Best Start up for 2017 required!
I need a logo designed which is represented as a graphic and the company name underneath it. I don't want it to form part of …
Logo won 39 $200
Smart Solar Group Require Hot Logo!
We need a logo for our new website that we are developing. The website will be a platform that allows home owners to get huge …
Logo won 74 $200
Logo required for new professional services company advising on training services
We need a logo, conveying a professional and reliable approach to engaging with companies of all sizes (multinational to micro). This can include the …
Logo won 58 $336
Holistic Spiritual & Mental Health or Holistic Harmony
On advertising i.e. website, business cards and flyers
Logo won 45 $200
Striking identity/logo required for Marylebone building company
A company logo that can be used on the website, business cards, stationary, print and site signage.
Logo won 120 $200
Create an identity for cloud based application called "Coilmap"
I need a logo to build an identity for the software project. The software is used in the steel industry to optimize the slitting …
Logo won 229 $336
Exciting new health supplement brand
I need a logo for my new brand that is going to be sold across China. The logo is going to be used on the …
Logo won 141 $200
Logo for exciting new property development company
A company logo that can be used on business cards, stationary, site signage website as well as company clothing, plant & machinery, vehicles etc.
Logo won 103 $336
Luxury Pre Wedding Party Logo required
I require a logo that I can use on a range of media, from my website through to a business card and even a stamp …
Logo won 40 $336
Kiravo Consulting Needs a New Logo for our Rebranding
We're a management consultancy, but a young one both in age and outlook. So We're not looking for a stuffy lawyer type logo, but one …
Logo + Business Card won 213 $439
Traditional Monogram Required
Brand My Wedding won 102 $197