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Online B2B and B2G marketplace for the GCC Region looking for a logo
we need a good logo that conveys our brand and B2B status- The Website and company will be called Kayesay emphasis …
Logo 7 days 22 hrs 33 $329
Startup Company for Software Development Outsourcing seeking a Logo
We need a company logo, primarily for our website initially, possibly branching out to signs or business cards in the future.
Logo 2 days 5 hrs 36 $196
Private. (Logged in users only)Logo 1 day 14 hrs 82 $196
High Profile Town & Country Store logo required
The logo is needed for Shop Fascias, signage, website, vehicle decals and uniforms
Logo 5 days 51 mins 121 $329
Private. (Logged in users only)Logo 4 days 7 mins 119 $329
Create a Standout winning logo design to reflect our high profile brand
I am wanting more than just a logo. I am looking for standout corporate branding for my Group that reflects who we are, where …
Logo won 139 $529
Presentation startup company
I would like a logo relating to the company name. IMPACT (a company that provides custom Real Estate Presentations )
Logo won 51 $196
Striking Australiana Theme Logo required for Online Ecommerce Website
Corporate logo that reflects our Australian brand and will standout on our website and stationery
Logo won 80 $329
Trichotomy Consulting - unique biz name needs an exceptional logo !
The logo needs to project an image of Trichotomy being a classy, dependable, niche firm, with a high level of integrity. The logo needs …
Logo + Business Card won 136 $630
New Look Required For Tacmed Training
I'm looking for a New and Fresh look for the company. We have been using the same logo now for many years and believe we …
Logo + Business Card won 144 $800
Create a landmark Logo is for a group of companies where having fun is at the core of all the businesses, hence 'conviviality'
A logo which shows that we are confident, trusted and respectable and knowledgeable in business, yet fun and ambitious and hungry for success. The …
Logo won 191 $196
Exciting new project looking for branding to encompass the following, hotel and restaurant, outside catering destination.
business cards for apple blossom catering, web page for apple blossom catering the venue is in a protected rare cider apple orchard that lends itself …
Small Website won 26 $396
Logo required for seaside Gallery and Gift store.
Logo with and without business name for use on business cards, postcards and social media/wedsite.
Logo won 227 $196
Fresh New Property Agent That Needs to Stand Out.
The final logo will be used on; website, email signatures, letterheads, promotional material and business cards.
Logo won 253 $196
Citizen Design & Build Limited - new company
Contemporary / modern style logo
Logo won 97 $196