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Meadowside tree care
I need a logo for the business which will be used on the equipment used to run the business and also on the website
Logo 13 days 3 $182
Private. (Logged in users only)Logo 9 days 0 $182
New business need a unique and professional logo: We deliver groceries to various companies.
I need a logo which will be used on print and our website.
Logo 7 days 30 $182
Private. (Logged in users only)Logo + Business Card 7 days 52 $585
Private. (Logged in users only)Logo 14 hrs 29 mins 87 $182
High Quality Entertainment Company in need of Logo! (DJ/MC, Audio/Visual, Lighting, Photo Booth Company)
We will be printing out logo on all sorts of marketing material, swag, social media, banners, the whole works. We will need the logo in …
Logo won 39 $182
Private. (Logged in users only)Logo Ended 1 hr 22 mins ago 109 $182
Private. (Logged in users only)Logo Ended 2 hrs 14 mins ago 71 $182
Real Estate Sales
I need a logo for my team
Logo Ended 4 days ago 76 $182
Logo for Elite Hockey program
logo that will work with apparel, banners website etc...
Logo Ended 5 days ago 35 $182
Retriever Logistics needs your services so we can help our clients with theirs!
We need a logo that applies well to a Website, Business Cards, Document header/footer and also to vehicles/trucks.
Logo won 103 $182
Construction business looking to fit modern yet approachable brand image
We are looking for a logo that will promote our company on vans, websites and clothing. A design that is modern but that will cater …
Logo Ended 7 days ago 102 $306
Dan Del Monte Academy
Company logo used for website, apparel, paraphernalia, advertising Needs to work for the following sub companies Dan Del Monte Enterprise Dan Del Monte Academy DASH HOCKEY
Logo Ended 8 days ago 38 $182
Steelhead Clothing Brand
I'm thinking mountains with elk antlers integrated somehow. if possible a rainbow trout pattern and river would be amazing. it needs to be fairly simple …
Logo Ended 9 days ago 38 $182
New LOGO needed for established company looking to freshen things up.!
A fresh new logo that reflects our change in business to a more diverse service provider, whilst retaining some brand familiarity for our existing customers. …
Logo won 89 $182