Business Card Design

The power of a business cards should never be underestimated. Whilst no larger than a credit card and usually printed on paper, a business card can be one of your most powerful marketing weapons. Business cards usually contain your business contact details, but importantly they should have a personal feel and act as a visual extension of your brand.

Before exploring some crucial steps of business card design, It is important we talk a little about what you’ll need to consider before you start.

Two of the most important visual elements to establish prior to designing your business card is your logo and color scheme. Together they establish your brand and help influence other areas like composition and the different printing finishes you may like to use on your business cards.

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Once your logo and brand colors have been established and you have a good idea of what
you want your business card to say you’re ready to consider the following.

1. Choosing a SHAPE
Traditional rectangular business card? Conservative rounded corners for a friendlier look? It all depends on the tone of your brand. Keep in mind as printing techniques become more advanced and affordable (even in bulk printing) you should consider techniques like die-cutting and spot varnishing. If you want more in depth reading in this area of business card design we suggest reading: An 8 Step Guide to Designing the Ultimate Business Card.

2. Choosing a SIZE
European Std: 85 × 55 mm (3.346 × 2.165 in.)
North American Std: 88.9 × 50.8 mm (3.5 × 2 in.)
Oceania Std: 90 × 55 mm (3.54 × 2.165 in.)

3. Logo and graphic LAYOUT
Primarily your logo should be the hero and take center stage of your business card layout. Secondary graphic elements can still be prominent. Double sided? Consider using both sides of your business card.

4. Choose your TEXT
Here is a list of some common choices to consider:
Obviously your name, job title, phone/mobile number, email, website – a must!, social media handles, address, QR code, slogan – optional.

5. Choosing FONTS
Choosing the wrong font is a common design pitfall. The font should compliment your logotype and should represent the personality of your overall brand. Keeping it simple here always works best. Allow your logo to breath and draw all the attention. Also as a rule try and keep your text at least 8pt for best legibility.

For more about about fonts and how they influence your brand check out The 5 Main Type Fonts and What to Do with Them!

6. Choosing print FINISHES
Finally it’s time to start considering print finishes and there are plenty to choose from so don't go overboard applying too many - again, keep it simple and classy. Your local printer will be able to show you examples of; letterpressing, embossing, spot UV coating, foiling, paper weight options etc.

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