The Importance of Making a Great First Impression with Your Business Logo

16 June 2019

The Importance of Making a Great First Impression with Your Business Logo

The importance of Making a Great First Impression with Your Business Logo  

In order to succeed in business, no matter which industry you are in – you have to be competitive. Branding and marketing strategies are created with rivals and competition in mind. Your business logo design must be memorable and should have the ability to successfully attract customers.

Making a good impression is a primary reason for getting a unique logo. Whether you’re building a startup or running a large business, an impressive logo is crucial. It is important it reaches out and communicates directly to your target audience and that the first impression potential customers have of your company is positive. You can start this by creating the perfect business logo.

Loyalty between a business and its customers is highly important no matter which industry you belong to. This kind of loyalty is established from the very beginning -- that very first impression you make. Think of your logo as that first handshake you’ll share with someone you’ll do business with. To show trustworthiness, a strong and firm handshake is a must. Experts agree that first impressions can make or break or your business. You have to get it right the first time because you can never be sure if you’re getting a second chance.

How Your Business Logo Design Can Help Your Organization

1. A Logo Can Establish the Identity of Your Brand

Once you have chosen the best logo for your business, you can use it for pretty much everything related to your business. From marketing tools to tags of each product you have on your catalog, your business logo will certainly become the primary way for consumers to identify your brand. It may appear on posters, signage, letterheads, brochures and much more.

Of course, you have to make sure you’re getting a strong and impressive logo as it will most likely be attached to your brand and your business name for a long time. Most definitely, your company logo will not only create the first impression to your target audience, but it will also contribute greatly to how your business will be remembered.

2. Your Company is Recognized Through Your Logo

Recognition and recall are important aspects of a business too. Whether you’re building a small business or starting a potentially large corporation, you have to start with something that can make your company recognizable. Once you’ve created that good first impression, potential consumers must remember your company. The business logo design can contribute to this as well.

Your unique logo design can be treated like your business stamp. Even without the business name or the business owner’s name, a company can be recognized simply through its logo. The moment one sees your logo, they would immediately know and remember your business. Over time, consumers will be reminded of your brand and how good your products and services are through your logo.

3. A Business Logo Shows Your Brand’s Professionalism

Truth be told, anybody can start a business. However, not everybody can run a business professionally. If you want your organization to embody professionalism, you can start by choosing the right business logo design. It may seem like a small thing, but having a unique logo for your business makes a big difference. It offers a more professional approach to your potential customers and clients. Great businesses are mostly associated with the best quality logos that one would recall and eventually trust.

Aside from a company logo, your marketing tools and collateral including an impressive website design are also highly important. All these contribute to the overall professionalism of your company, which encourages support from clients and consumers. By working with expert logo designers, you can come up with a professional-looking unique logo that will certainly be remembered.

4. An Impressive Logo Gives Your Company an Edge Over Competition

Offering better quality products and services compared to your competition is one thing. However, if you’re at that stage wherein your target consumers haven’t tried out your products yet, then you have to start with making a good impression. As earlier mentioned, first impressions are very important. You can achieve this through an impressive business logo design. 

With an impressive logo, you have the chance to have an edge over your competition. While you must certainly not take for granted the importance of having high-quality products and services first and foremost, your unique logo design can give you a helping hand in outshining your competition.

Some business owners think that having a fancy and pretty picture as a logo is enough. However, there are certain elements to a company logo that makes it look professional. It may include the features of your business and how you want other people to perceive your company. The best way to be sure that you’re getting an exceptional logo, you must work with a professional graphic designer.

There is an abundance of graphic design services you can find nowadays. You can’t simply choose a random person to do the job for you. An extensively trained and highly experienced graphic design professional understands the necessary elements that should be included in a business logo design. From the typeface to the color, the shape to the images, the lines and every word that appears along with your logo should seamlessly bond with each other.

Professional Graphic Design Services

Over the years, we’ve made countless logos and provided graphic design requirements for businesses in varying industries.

There are some business owners who are taken aback when given price quotations for company logo designs. Truth be told, a professional graphic designer’s services don’t usually come cheap. Settling down for the cheapest option you can find isn’t a good idea either. However, there are graphic design professionals that offer reasonable prices without compromising the quality of their work. After all, it is understandable if companies especially startups and small businesses, have a very little budget to work with for their marketing needs.

Thankfully, business owners have plenty of options when hiring a logo design company. One of these options is working with a logo design marketplace such as Hexi Design. Picture this: an online marketplace full of graphic design professionals who are experts in logo making can help you come up with the best logo for your company. Wouldn’t that be better than just settling for one graphic designer’s services only to be unsatisfied with the outcome in the end?

Hexi Design is one of the top choices when it comes to getting logo design services. Upon posting details of your project along with your budget, you will receive anywhere from 60 to over 100 custom business logo designs. You can choose from these custom company logos. It’s a risk-free transaction. You only have to pay for logos that have met your expectations. If you choose one, your payment is awarded to the winning designer. You will then be handed the final artwork and full copyright. You are now the permanent owner of the business logo created. 


Vintage logo branding on coca cola truck

The Origin of Business Logos

Efficiency has ruled trade and the economy from the earliest transactions. Etchings and symbols long precede Egyptian hieroglyphics. From the earliest times, people were inclined to convey messages in compact effective marks.
While some of those marks became alphabets in different cultures, others became numbers. Still, others saw a means to mark their name, universalize their identity, and sell their signature.

The efficiency that drives the business mind sought to compress the name, identity, and signature message. Search enough through ancient artifacts, and you will find coins, charts, and business records with such marks. And, as world trade expanded with sea trade in modern times, silversmiths, porcelain makers, paper makers, silk weavers, and others would stamp their products. And, so the logo was born.

The great logos are lasting, ubiquitous, and effective. Some business logos are simply signs: McDonald’s, Nike, Twitter, and Apple. Some business logos brand their names with color and typography: Hershey, Coca-Cola, Scotch, and Nintendo. Since the Internet has taken over, new business logos tend to be icon shaped and text-free: Google, iTunes, Facebook, and Evernote.

Slipping logos into these models does not explain that certain magic that resonates with people and partners, employees and customers. But, each of these logos has a sense of fun. There might be fun in the color choice, the typography, or the image. There’s just simple fun in the Apple with a bite missing, the swish of the Nike check mark, and the whimsy of the Evernote elephant.

The Lessons Taught by Great Business Logos

Make it recognizable. Effective business logos are easily recognized regardless of size. It should ring bells regardless of the texture on which it lies. It must work on shoes, fabrics, metal, paper, billboards, business cards, and, importantly, on the Internet screen.
Recognizable also means singular. An effective logo deserves trademarking to own the image and deter imitations.

Make sense. When Prudential picked the Rock of Gibraltar, they found a universally known image of security. When McDonald’s picked its golden arches, it linked its name and store signage. When Firefox wrapped the globe with a fox, it said its browser covered the world.
Effective business logos are not created casually or carelessly. Business logo design services have the advantage of a broad knowledge of what logos are used and which work best.

Check type. Business logo designers like Hexi Design trusts to one of four general logo structures:

  1. Symbolic logos have fun with a standard symbol or turn something into a symbol. Target’s use of a red and white target is a fun pun, and Google’s symbol recalls the iris of the eye and camera lens.

  2. Textual logos bank on making their brand name memorable with type font, shape, and style. Everyone knows the Disney signature, the Amazon smile, and the eternal Coca-Cola script.

  3. Combination logos integrate symbol and text. Puma has the animal leaping over its name. Adidas blends its three distinctive stripes with its name. And, NASA chose a uniquely modern type font.

Business logo design services hit pay dirt when the business logo nails its presence with engagement that invites eye and brain to recognize and value the image.

Emphasize design. Design means more than size and shape. Successful logos connect the image and the business purpose. A retail image, for instance, might entertain more than a professional service logo.

Designers will try to find shape in the business name. FedEx and Shell have done that well. Some businesses will choose names that lend themselves to coded text like Airbnb or Adobe. Designers will test color choices for something bold but not extreme. And, they will focus on an image that can be easily trademarked in the law and in the public eye.

Cut to the center. The most effective business logos capture the organization’s essence. It cuts to the chase without frills or needs for an explanation.

The logo must distinguish the business, mark its territory, and prompt the brand. It imagines and conveys the business’ specialness. In time, better sooner than later, it captures the public’s attention and aligns that attention with the business purpose. For instance, it doesn’t matter what language is attached. MasterCard’s overlapping colorful circles suggest coins, and NBC’s peacock suggests a focus on colorful entertainment.

Engage the customer. Research has found emotional ties to shapes and colors. Their huge range of hues and shades add power to design.

Coca-Cola red is memorable. It heightens awareness and carries a sense of importance. Blue suggests cool and calm, security and trust. Green evokes nature and prosperity, stability and financial security. Orange adds energy and pay; it’s vibrant and exciting. And, yellow is just plain fun, happy, and friendly. 

Every business needs a logo to identify itself on stationery, advertising, collateral marketing materials, and the Internet. An effective business logo will tell the business’s story, distinguish it from the competition, and brand the product or service in the public’s mind.

But, it’s a rare business owner who can create their own. It takes research, knowledge, and comprehensive creatives skills. It takes an understanding of markets, advertising principles, and the ability to execute.


A business logo is a sort of heads-up. It’s a summary and symbol of the business. It’s an eye-catching marker created by business logo design services and used on business cards, envelopes and letterhead, marketing materials, and advertising pieces.

Readers, browsers, and customers see the logo before they see anything else. And, when a business logo works it becomes the brand. Good logos are clear, simple, and memorable. They become touchstones, benchmarks, if you will, for trust in quality and expertise.

Model business logos prove timeless, and their color, shape, and design have a universal meaning. In time, they define their market, set the standard for performance, and establish a bond among users. The logo design and execution become vital, too much of a challenge for most business owners until they invest in business logo design services.

Even the smallest details matter and should be given importance if you want your business to succeed. As much as possible, you must aim to be unique. Your company must appear professional and must have an edge over competition at all times. You can start with an exceptional business logo design. 

Looking to come up with a multiple logo design options for your new business or simply want to rejuvenate your existing logo?

We’re here to help.