Pro and Cons of Using Online Logo Generators

12 August 2019

Pro and Cons of Using Online Logo Generators

MasterCard just dropped its name from its universally recognized logo. It could do that because its overlapping orange and red circles are so well known, the English words are no longer needed or useful.

Every business wants a logo that powerful. But, getting there is not so easy. A business needs a logo from the earliest stages in its development. Finding one to mark the business as unique and able to grow with the business is the challenge.

It’s a challenge, yes, but necessary for even the business startup. The logo burns an iconic brand into the public’s mind. Symbol, sign, and message all rolled into one, a logo identifies your business and brand up close and at a distance. It works in all media and sends a message that differentiates your business and purpose.

Make a lasting impression.

Designed and used correctly, a logo builds the brand and increases business. A poor logo backfires and loses attention. It tells customers the business has better things to do than focus on customers. They expect more of you, and your logo is the first sign of respect for them.

If your brand is built on quality, you need a quality logo to sell it. If you want to build a brand on tradition, you need a logo to make people comfortable with its vintage. If your brand wants to attract men, women, or young people, you must convey an impression appealing to those markets. But, you need a logo from the start.

So, where do you start?

Well, deciding how to find your way takes some advice if you want to move quickly, maintain a budget, and still score that first and lasting impression.

You have several options:

  • Contract with a design agency;
  • Work directly with a design freelancer;
  • Use an online logo generator; or
  • Launch a Hexi Design logo contest.

Pros and cons of working with a logo design agency

Design agencies are invested in marketing business designing logos, advertising, collateral materials, and much more. They hold the advantage of housing quality teams of various expertise specialties.


  • Professional talent offers extensive experience and collaboration on the design and its strategic use.
  • Product is strikingly original and unique with flexibility and scalability built-in.
  • Partnership respects and integrates your input and feedback. 


  • Costs include middle-man expenses. Agents locate and bring designers in, and pricing threatens entrepreneurial budgets.
  • Timelines stretch out because agencies work on several projects simultaneously. Finding the right agency for you burns costly time. Then, the agency will want to enforce its process.
  • The back-and-forth with agencies takes time to involve the inside and outside teams. Your business will assume the cost of the back and forth.

Design agencies want your business and will campaign to secure it. But, if you are not positioned to invest the time and money, you might want to consider other options.

Pros and cons of working with a freelance designer

Freelance designers are self-employed creative designers. They work remotely from where they prefer. They are often uniquely talented and anxious to find and keep work. Freelances are easily found online but identifying the best talents can prove a challenge.


  • Costs reflect the low overhead of designers working from home. Freelancers must negotiate pricing to compete.
  • Remote freelancers will manage their time to meet at your convenience to expedite the process and meet deadlines, especially where you have agreed on a fixed-price.
  • Freelance designers have a passion for their work and will work toward effective collaboration.


  • Freelance portfolios reveal talent and potential that may not reach expert level quality.
  • Output will reflect a single contribution lacking the in-house collaboration agencies enjoy.
  • Agencies offer more reliable relationships. Many freelancers spend much of their time in lining up more business so they may follow the larger dollar.

Freelance designers often have the talent and experience to go independent. But, they present some risk you must reduce through due diligence on their performance.

Pros and cons of working with online logo generators

Logo generators are online applications that create logos from stock images and colors you can use to build your own logo.


  • Logo makers come in at low price often under $50. Some let you design for free until you download the logo you complete.
  • Time is no problem because you can access an online logo maker 24/7.
  • Deadlines don’t matter because you have a logo as soon as you can finish.
  • Logo makers are investing and competing on their creative sophistication and app usability.



  • Logo apps tend to produce generic logo looks without copyright protection.
  • Quality, unique, and effective design depends on your creativity, and creative issues may be the reason you need help.
  • With millions using the same online app, your logo may look like a thousand others.
  • Logos are created using ready-made templates thus lacking unique ideas.
  • A DIY logo may lack universal appeal.

Online logo generators come cheap and basic. The short-term delivery is a real plus. Some business owners have the creative talent and insight to create something effective. But, most entrepreneurs have other strengths. The results lack the quality and strategic value of professional skills.

Pros and cons of working with a logo design contest

Hexi Design pulls together the advantages of the approaches listed here. Hexi is a unique opportunity to create a logo and marketing strategy with the help of a global pool of design talent. See here for more details on how it works.


  • Business owners post what they need, a project requiring a logo, business course, or more.
  • Owners might suggest preferred colors, language, style, and typography if they want.
  • Artists bid for your project from 11,000-plus registered graphic designers already vetted by their experience.
  • Online access remains 24/7, an opportunity to work conveniently and refine the needs and approach.
  • Payment is due on satisfaction with a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Businesses wanting to build their branding and marketing need powerful logos. And, that means having as detailed a strategy as possible in mind. The more information they include with the project they post, they more powerful the bids.
  • Businesses looking for a clearinghouse should look elsewhere. Hexi Design offers the chance to launch a crowdsourced contest with the business deal as the prize.

Hexi Design offers an online graphic design marketplace where talented designers from around the world compete to design the perfect logo—current, fresh, and varied. This gives the buying business the leverage to select the package, designer, and price.