5 Key Reasons Your Logo Design is Important for Your Brand

16 June 2019

5 Key Reasons Your Logo Design is Important for Your Brand

5 Key Reasons Your Logo Design is Important for Your Brand

An effective logo is more important than you think. A logo is a signal, symbol, and shorthand that purports to tell the businesses story.
A logo is an equal sign, as it were. One look and your consumer memory says “coffee,” “chocolate,” or “computer.” But, a strong logo is just the beginning of your company’s branding journey.

In this digital world, every business is competing for your attention. With customer’ attention spans shortened by smartphones and tablets, a business must compress and telegraph its messages.

Companies have, as a result, turned their focus to creating more memorable and dynamic logos. Businesses don’t have the time to convince potential customers how great and unique their products are. On the internet, seconds amount to hours, so the business needs shortcuts.

A New Marketing Model

A power logo will grab and hold viewers’ attention while establishing a look and image that capture’s the business’s purpose, claim, and values. More and more consumers judge businesses by their appearance first and their performance second.

This new marketing model drives businesses of all sizes to spend more resources creating original ideas. Major businesses shell out tens of  thousands on branding agencies to craft a perfect image. But, most small companies don’t have the time or money. Once you understand how each aspect of a logo contributes to your success, you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

Here are 5 key reasons why your logo design is important for your brand:

1. Logos make great first impressions
A logo offers a company’s first introduction to consumers. A first impression is not the only factor consumers consider when shopping. But, a logo sends an appealing invitation to learn more. Well-designed logos tell customers about a company with colors, shapes, and different typography. They engage and intrigue current and potential customers with striking images leaving them curious about the company behind a bold design.

2. Logos Become Iconic and Memorable
The best-known companies in the world all have one thing in common – an instantly recognizable logo. Whether it’s McDonald’s golden arches or MasterCard’s overlapping circles, logos become synonymous with the brand they represent. It also works both ways. A company with poor design and branding will be associated with its worst efforts, making it hard to shake the negative image. Strong logo design can help guarantee your company is always remembered in the best way possible.

3. Logos Create Strong Branding Efforts
Logo design is only one step in a company’s overall branding. However, companies usually begin with a logo to establish the company’s colors, tone, fonts, and overall brand feeling. When crafting your company’s new logo, it is only the foundation of a long-term branding campaign, but hopefully, it will launch with excellent design and forward thinking.

4. Logos Communicate Values
The psychology behind logo design goes much deeper than color and shape. A well-designed company logo communicates the company’s background—professional, relaxed, fun. It conveys its mission—entertainment, efficiency, and more. These messages can be as simple as choosing the right colors or the angle of the font.

5. Your Company Logo Will Define the Brand Image
Intimately, a logo presents the first association customers make with a company’s brand. Ignoring the design aspect to cut corners, save money, and shorten the design time frame can cost a business down the line. On the other hand, a memorable logo can serve as a springboard for a new brand strategy and can redefine a company’s image to consumers.

Finding an affordable option

You don’t have to do this on your own. Chances are most new businesses don’t have the time or talents required to research, invent, and execute a quality logo. And, they don’t have the time or money to spend with a design agency to imagine its brand.

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