The Advantages of Crowdsourcing Logo Design

08 September 2019

The Advantages of Crowdsourcing Logo Design


Small businesses and new enterprises are always short on money and time. And, most lack some of the skills to make their marketing all they had in mind. Business founders and owners have many strengths and great potential, but they cannot be expected to have expertise in every aspect of running a business.

Entrepreneurs take the risk on their innovative product or service. They may have more or less ability in legal and financial issues. And, they may know the market they want to reach. But they may lack the ability to brand their business effectively. An increasing number of these businesspeople are turning to crowdsourcing for support.

What’s crowdsourcing anyway?

Crowdsourcing differs from collaborating or brainstorming. It’s more sophisticated than mind mapping but simpler and easier, too. It is a very popular, efficient, and powerful business idea.

The whole idea is to tap into a broad universe of talent and capabilities to expedite business tasks. When a company is too young to have the expertise or too cash poor to outsource the work, crowdsourcing offers quality performance and satisfaction from a talent pool otherwise not available. As Crowdsourcing Week reports, “This phenomenon can provide organizations with access to new ideas and solutions, deeper consumer engagement, opportunities for co-creation, optimization of tasks, and reduced costs.”
Marketing and branding ideas, designs, and execution have always been generated within the producing business until those tasks were assigned to specializing agencies. But the internet has realigned the parameters. The resources are now unlimited. Consequently, users are providers now, contributing blogs, posting images, illustrating ideas, and more.

Providers and users have access to an expansive, multi-cultural, diverse talent base seeking work and access to your needs. While crowdsourcing’s appeal once lay in its lower costs, it has become a competitive platform where savings do not compromise quality. In the world of logo design, for example, you have access to crowds of artists and technologists who have the resources and passion to do what they do well. Crowdsourcing access more qualified people, not just more people.

Crowdsourcing graphic design is increasingly popular in the graphic design arena. Sensing the demand for services, many crowdsourcing platforms have appeared on the web in recent years. Hexi Design leads this crowd by offering freelance design opportunities for its talent pool challenging the talent to compete for the design tasks posted. And, the artist “wins” the competition when the client selects the design meeting the business needs and budget.

Five key advantages of crowdsourcing your logo design:

1. Small business and budget friendly

With much going on, entrepreneurs and small businesses have tight cash flow. Budgets are tight, strained, and inflexible. So, challenged and pulled in many directions, they increasingly turn to crowdsourcing sites for their logos.

Crowdsourcing talent make no effort to sell you up. They will not aggressively package a combination of plans. As the client, you describe your need as clearly as possible. For example, you might prefer certain colors or general style. You might want something classic or something humorous. You might envision something vertical, horizontal, square, or circular. But you know you don’t want to pay those large agency fees.

Talented designer bid for your job opening the chance to start a conversation about what you want. The price may go up if you decide to expand your posting. For example, you may have started with a request for a logo. But, in working with the designer, you find you want business cards or brochures. You stay in control of orders, costs, and designer, at least on the Hexi Design crowdsourcing platform.

2. Take no risks.

Not only is your out-of-pocket cost low, but also you pay nothing until you pick the design. You post a brief about your need with the task description, budget, and deadline. Within a short time, you will receive dozens of diverse design entries from global designers who already know your budget parameters. You open a dialogue with the artist sharing feedback on what you like and don’t like.

When you make your choice, the designer wins the contest. At Hexi Design, you take delivery and ownership of the artwork with the comfort of a 100 percent money back guarantee – risk free!

3. Maximize creativity.

Entrepreneur suggests that, unlike dealing with agencies, “designers have no fiduciary duty to the client and at sometimes have very little information about the company.” But that also means they only owe you their attention. The freedom promotes their individuality and creativity.

The competition opens windows for the designer. They feel free to push the envelope, stretch, and experiment. Crowdsourced graphic design encourages the respondents to risk the original to beat out the competitors and satisfy your tastes.

4. Diversify the input.

Design technology has advanced quickly. But it doesn’t mean everyone has the same advantages. Everyone, they may not have the tools or latest training. On the other hand, they are not boxed in by employer software. Some of them have engineered their own capabilities.

More important, offering your work to a worldwide talent base brings you novel angles and insights on design. You might see color choices, forms, or elements you had not thought of before. Where an agency or local artist might provide work fitting the locale, a universal pool of designers will help differentiate your brand.

5. Optimize your cost

When crowdsourcing ideas and design, you get the benefits of team input at your price. It’s some time before entrepreneurs and start-ups are comfortable enough to staff a department of creative graphic artists and designers.

In the meantime — and perhaps thereafter, you can budget quality graphics work. For a price you post, you get what you want and need without commissions, hidden fees, or time-intensive meetings.

Owning your crowdsourced logo

Developing your business logo through a crowdsourcing platform provides you with the opportunity to leverage the power of thousands of designers. Where a graphic design agency may present you with two or three options, crowdsourcing provides scores of ideas. Mining those options encourages your participation and input. You’ll find the process sparking your own creative interests.

Crowdsourcing logo design lets you walk away with your logo reflecting a universe of talent at a price under your control. Designing an effective logo, one that projects the best image of your business and attracts clients, is sometimes too much of a job for a single provider. It’s too much to trust to an artistic relative or friend. Crowdsourcing design connects your hopes with the talent that can execute your logo design at a price your small business or start-up can afford. View our crowdsourcing examples here today.