Custom Logo Design for Entrepreneurs: How to Create an Effective Logo for Your Startup

12 August 2019

Custom Logo Design for Entrepreneurs: How to Create an Effective Logo for Your Startup

Custom Logo Design for Entrepreneurs: How to Create an Effective Logo for Your Startup

Engagement and excitement build around startups. Both are vital to designing and branding a reputation in the eyes of customers and investors.

Much of that first phase excitement depends on how you create an effective logo for your startup, a unique image that captures the business’s purpose and what’s in it for the observer. A good logo can mean everything in the competitive entrepreneurship universe. And, before you select a logo designing and branding service, you should know what you need.

How to Create an Effective Logo for Your Startup

An entrepreneur’s logo will be new to everyone. Your startup’s logo must meet and beat that challenge with an image that will hopefully prove self-perpetuating. A custom logo design service will suggest:

1. Keeping things simple

You’ll likely find everyone with input into your new business has something to add to your image. If you listen to them all, you’ll get valuable input on the different ways people see your business. You can ignore what they say, but you should listen well. That collaboration is just the first step in whittling down the image that works.

The logo shouldn’t be a catchall. It mustn’t send too many messages. And, while it must create intrigue, you don’t want people wasting time searching for meaning. If you think of Apple or Windows, you see no text at all, no initials, no name. And, these companies do just fine.

2. Making messages clear

Any message or business name must be simple. And, that goes for color, typography, and iconography. Ask yourself how it would look as an icon on your home screen.

If you think about icons, they rarely include words or phrases. The trick is to capture interest with just a glance. Its memorability may count more than the message. It’s the memory that brands your business.

That’s something you must remember as you create an effective logo for your startup: the logo is a symbol, not a business card.

3. Checking the competition

When it comes to logo design and branding, you should know what the competition is doing. Good, bad, or indifferent, competitor logos will provide some parameters on what to do and what not to do.

Of course, you don’t want your logo design to look like any others. You want it to be markedly different. You want to create an effective logo for your startup that differs from others in color, composition, text, and typography.

But, you can tell a lot from what the others are doing. Their image may be a clue to their market or demographics. It may tell what they are doing differently with their business. And, it might help you make better choices for creating an effective logo for your startup.

4. Visualizing the success

Your custom logo design might depend on color, size, typography, and more. And, with all due respect, most entrepreneurs are not inclined to be artistic.

Colors affect emotions and mood. They have a cognitive impact, and some have proven marketing results. Black and white are your take-off point. They are still the best colors for business cards and letterheads. So, as you move towards using color in a logo, you want to avoid colors on the extreme side of the palette. When you consider all the possible colors, you’ll start to feel overwhelmed.

The same goes for typography. The selection of type font and type size make Coca-Cola and Hershey brands singular and popular. Most contemporary entrepreneurs find these classic models too “old school” for them. But, again, there are hundreds of type fonts, and artists can create new ones.

Bold, geometric, crisp, and dimensional, these are aspects you are looking for. So, try looking at model logos from different directions. You should consider how it looks head-on, how it looks from the corner of your eye, and how it looks as you move towards and away from it.

5. Creating many versions

You’ll find the best logo among several versions. It’s a big mistake to bet on just one try. It’s also a mistake to make the decision on your own.
With a handful of design options, you can return to collaboration with your stakeholders. They may not see what you see. Their input could take you in an entirely different direction. And, while the decision is still yours to make, they will give you a sense of what works.

You can value their feedback, but you should also pushback defending your process. Opening a conversation encourages effective collaboration and returns you to the drawing table with an adjusted perspective.

Custom Logo Design for Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur can create an effective logo, but these five steps challenge the talents of your average entrepreneur. So, you call on custom design services to solve those same problems.

  1. Custom design services will facilitate your team meeting to help stakeholders understand the purpose of a logo and the metrics rating effectiveness.

  2. Custom logo designers have hundreds of models to energize your thinking. They’ll help you find the language to use and keep it simple. They can show you how images tell stories without language.

  3. They will gather competitor logos and present a portfolio for your study. And, they will coach you how to look at the competition just based on their logo design.

  4. Logo design pros will have the tools you need to create an effective logo. They have the catalogs of color swatches and typography samples to forge your decision.

  5. And, custom logo designers will prepare several options for review. They will participate in your final stakeholder meetings to process their input or defend your choice.

As an entrepreneur with a business in the works, finding a talented designer or engaging with a design agency may be very time consuming. It’s why smart entrepreneurs invest in custom online logo design services to launch their image, branding, and success.

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